Sonoma California’s Tiddle E. Winks Get’s Noticed

Recently, one of our clients got a mention in Rachael Ray’s Everyday magazine. The small town candy shop named Tiddle E. Winks is located in the quaint town of Sonoma California which rests on the southwest side of California’s famous Napa Valley. Tiddle E. Winks was opened by Heidi Geffen in 2005 and has become increasingly popular ever since. Heidi is known for her meticulous attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service. This attitude, combined with effective marketing has helped her business to gain recognition from a popular magazine such as Rachael Ray’s. We here at Hewatt Design couldn’t be more pleased with the progress Heidi and her store have made. Andrew, owner of Hewatt Design has been working with Heidi on website marketing efforts since 2009.